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The Flawed Interview Process

How do you attract someone who wants to be here, because they believe in the mission and want to be a part of the team that brings meaningful change to the world?

Is it by doing awkward, often scripted job interviews that only tell you if someone is good at interviewing and not if they are actually a suitable fit for the culture and project you are recruiting for?

Why can’t we do project-based hiring? Pay applicants to complete a project which requires solving an interesting problem, and recruit based on projects completed rather than mere CV’s, qualifications and interview skills?

How many times have you witnessed new employees come in and after a few months become disengaged, unmotivated and leave? Or worse - become disengaged, unmotivated and stay?

Why is it so hard to let people go, to allow them to leave when they are no longer committed to the cause and motivated to contribute? What keeps them there? Their salary? Their hope to be made redundant? How is it possible that a grown human can continue to rock up to work each day, barely contribute and spend half the day meaninglessly scrolling on the internet?

The way in which we historically recruit and retain talent is flawed. It’s largely based on the belief that turnover of staff is negative. What if turnover is a good thing? What if only those who wanted to be here, can stay?