I'm Cam Wells.

Thanks for dropping in. While I strongly dislike bios, it's only fair you know something about me and this project.

I grew up in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa, and immigrated to Australia when I was 18 years old, where I currently live and work.

My Job

I have spent the past 10 years working in the mining, construction and energy industries, from graduate-level positions to leading small teams. More recently, my roles have focused on the commercial aspects of project delivery.

My Work

I am a strong believer in self-education. In today's day and age, you can learn almost any topic you want online for free (or for a tiny fee) and apply it to your work immediately.

My work is for the curious, self-directed learner, focusing on timeless lessons for work and life that don't change over time. I deconstruct actionable strategies to help you think more clearly, make better decisions and broaden your perspective.

I do this by sharing most of what others have already mastered in topics such as psychology, education, marketing, interpersonal skills, game theory, economics, and persuasion. Besides, it's much easier to build on the lessons of others than make all the mistakes yourself.

If this interests you, you will love what I am doing.


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