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Becoming Proficient in Relationships

Relationships are not texts, they are not tweets, they are not emails. They are communication.

Communication is more than speech - It's eye language, it's body language, it's voice inflexion. These are all tools of communication.

When you get into business. People don't do business with ideas, they don't do business with computers. People do business with people.

Building relationships is not the same as building a social media page. There is WORK to it. Social media and computers are predictable, humans respond in unpredictable ways.

“Unlike natural phenomena like orbiting planets or geologic formations, there are no consistent and perfect laws of human behaviour” - Seth Godin

Nowadays it's easy to look at the successes of individuals and organisations you see online, replicate what they are doing and immediately expect similar results.

The online environment fails to clearly depict the immense amount of rejections, failed attempts and “No's” that occurred in the years leading up to where they are today. Whoever “they” might be.

Success, by any definition, is built on a foundation of meaningful relationships. And relationships are built on trust.

Trust comes from the actions people take, who show up before they need to, who help us when no one is watching, and who play a role we need them to play. We trust people based on the signals they communicate to us, and the stands they take on various points of view.

Without trust and relationships, what do we have?

For those interested - the inspiration for this post came from a video I listened to with a guy called Bishop TD Jakes who I was first introduced to in a Religious Education lesson at high school when I was about 15 years old. It’s funny how I have come across his work recently again. He has a Youtube channel you can find here. Whether you are religious or not, it’s hard to stop listening to him once he starts talking.