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Clarity of Communication

Rubbish in, rubbish out.

An overly simplified, vague email or message can significantly affect the work and lives of the people around you.

Whether you are writing a scope of work to a vendor or freelancer, messaging a colleague or friend, or inputting a prompt into ChatGPT - it pays to be precise and concise in your messaging.

Let’s consider a request you submit to someone to do work for you.

What are the implications if there is a communication breakdown?

Rework? Time delays? Bad Estimates? Contractual disputes? Cost overruns? Contract variations? The list goes on...

Lack of clarity is a major risk to any project you are undertaking, and the consequences are significant.

The same goes for run-of-the-mill messaging. It’s easier now than ever to misinterpret communication over digital messaging.

How much time have you spent trying to understand vague messages you received?

Or, how often have you questioned the tone of an email you received?

All this uncertainty increases your cognitive load and takes your attention away from doing work that matters. Don’t be that person who is “too busy” to write an email or message that makes sense to the intended person.

Communicating clearly is how you bring your ideas to the table, influence decisions and behaviour, deliver meaningful work, develop personal and professional relationships and engage with the world.