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Energy Transference

Why do some people leave you tired and burnt out, whilst others leave you energised and excited?

There’s a natural transference of energy with every interaction we have.

Take this post as an example. You, the reader, can feel my level of interest and excitement in the topic from the words. If it’s boring to me, it will sound boring to you, no matter how hard I try to make it interesting.

The same applies when you are around people. You can feel their energy, and it’s contagious.

We all know pessimistic and negative people who spend their time complaining. Just the sight of them will bring on negative emotions, leaving you tired and agitated.

On the other hand, there are people who, after being with them or listening to them speak on a topic or project, leave you full of energy and excited to get going. There have been times when I’ve listened to people talk, and all I want to do after listening is do what they do. Even if before listening to them, I had no interest in it!

This skill of transferring your energy comes naturally to some, but people who understand the power of energy transference in influencing people for the better, do it intentionally.

What do they have and do that creates this amazing amount of energy?

After thinking about it for a while, I discovered three criteria I believe these people have in common:

  • Passion,
  • Expertise, and
  • Communication skills


It all starts with passion. You can tell when someone is passionate about something by the way they talk about it and describe it. Or, if they are not the talking type, you can tell by how much time and effort they put into something.

Passion is a prerequisite for the skill of positive energy transference.

If you aren’t passionate about something and try to talk or convince someone to join you in your mission, it will be a hard sell. Why should they believe in it if you don’t?


The next criterion is expertise.

Developing a deep understanding of a topic, business, or subject is long and arduous. You encounter many challenges and doubts that ultimately lead to your final understanding and conclusion.

Having a deep level of knowledge on a subject gives you the confidence to believe in it and the ability to defend and justify your point of view.


Finally, communication. This is normally done through words, intonation, and body language, but do you know what a more effective form of communication is? Action.

The ability to demonstrate and communicate is imperative in transferring energy across to other people. This is where passion, expertise, and the sale all come together.

Not sale in the sense of trying to sell you something. But sale in the sense that is where the listener becomes “sold”. Because they can feel the energy and visualise the idea or project

Intentional Energy Transference

Common situations where this is used are in sports and corporate organisations.

Think about the owner of a company. When she bursts through the door in the morning and greets everyone with a massive smile, her energy and enthusiasm are felt by the people, who then get excited to get to work. If they were to arrive at work late and in a sluggish manner, the workers would take on the same level of energy, and no great work would be done.

Or, consider the coach of a sports team who sees more potential in her players than they see in themselves. The coach's energy and enthusiasm for the players to fulfil their potential will be felt by the players. If the coach can clearly articulate her vision for the future and why he believes in his team, the players will build belief in themselves.

We can dive into many more examples. If you are to take anything away from this article, let it be the understanding that the people around you influence you, and in turn you influence them.