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Productivity Paranoia

What happens when leaders or bosses think their employees are not being productive, but employees feel they are being productive?

The shift to hybrid and remote work has left those with trust issues concerned about their employees' productivity, as they can no longer see which members are showing up and what they are producing daily.

This is fundamentally wrong because presence has been mistaken for performance.

Showing up is not a sign of commitment or contribution; it’s an act of compliance.

One solution is to add more widgets to track and monitor people’s work and output. To increase surveillance. But those metrics don’t work for human interaction, innovation and insight.

“The only way a business is successful and productive is if employees feel that sense of empowerment, that sense of energy and connection for the company’s mission and are doing meaningful work” - Satya Nadella

Rather than focusing on tracking, measuring and monitoring, why can’t we focus on creating an environment where people come to work knowing what they are about to work on plays an important role in the company's mission?

When people are enrolled in a journey and keen to contribute, their productivity and engagement naturally increase.