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Embracing Turnover

Is anyone calculating the cost of unmotivated employees staying for the incentives and not because they like the work?

Companies design reward systems to motivate their workers to remain on board and minimize employee turnover.

What if turnover is a good thing?

If you ask people at work if they enjoy their job, are happy to be here, want to be here and be productive, the answer will often be “Yes, yes, yes .”.

But in reality, when you look around - there’s a bunch of people who are clearly not at work because they want to be here.

What if we paid them to leave?

If you offered them $30,000 (or a value relative to their situation) to leave, many would jump at the opportunity.

The good thing about this is that you know they were unhappy to be there, and it’s not bad that they go.

What about those who choose to stay?

You know they really want to be here, or they would have left. Moreover, they will have to convince themselves they made the right choice and justify it by performing. Otherwise, why did they choose to stay?

If they wanted to gallivant around Europe instead of being at work, they could have done it with the money you offered them.