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Your Competitive advantage against AI

Either you will work for an AI, or an AI will work for you. Either you will move way up the ladder because you can employ a thousand AI’s to make your job way more effective, or you will move way down the ladder because you’re gonna be the person who just pushes the button the AI doesn’t know how to push yet.

For us as humans, it is so important to understand the capabilities of this emerging technology, you don’t have to be an expert on it but you should use it a few times to begin to understand what it can and can’t do.

Any time you find yourself following a script, reading from a script, punching numbers in or doing repetitive tasks - they will find a computer to do that job as soon as they can, so don’t do that job.

For example; All I want when someone is painting my house is for the walls to become a different colour. This is a machine job, there might not be a robot painting machine yet but there will be soon.

Instead, figure out how to be the person who builds a relationship with the customer, who works with the customer to imagine what their house could become, who works with the customer to give them peace of mind, and who works with the customer to build trust. These people will be paid more and will be happier than the ones working as cogs in the painting machine.

The rise of new technology is no cause for panic, if history is anything to go by these major innovations and revolutions create more opportunities than they remove. The opportunities will just be different to what you’re used to.