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Connecting Remotely

We know that businesses can function remotely and asynchronously, but what is the sacrifice?

We often take for granted the brief interactions we have at work. Saying “Hello!” in the corridor or kitchen, and the talks that happen going into and coming out of meetings. In an online context, there are no “in-between” meetings, all we have is the meeting. These small interactions outside of scheduled time together all help to build relationships and trust within the organisation.

It is still possible to build and maintain relationships in an online context - it just requires more work. What used to happen naturally and organically, now has to be done prescriptively. We have to make it happen. This means either making the most of your in-person or at-the-office time in a hybrid situation, or setting up calls to connect with your colleagues and discuss everything but work in a fully remote scenario.

Hybrid and remote work are the new normal. Rather than wishing things could be different or go back to the way they were, maybe it’s more useful to discover creative ways to connect with your distant colleagues, friends and family.