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Bring Grit to your Job

Do what you love, or love what you do?

It’s much easier to rock up to work each day and wait to be told what to do, default to being a compliant cog in a wheel making no meaningful decisions and contributing no more than what your job description defines. This is no solution or strategy to achieve anything worthwhile.

In order to level up, bring more passion and meaning into your working life, and create meaningful change regardless of whether you are in a job that you love or not right now, you need to find ways to fall in love with the work you do.

Every interaction and project is an opportunity to learn, grow, contribute and make an impact. Lean into opportunities that frighten you, take on that extra responsibility and put some skin in the game. Rather than searching for passion, why not create it?

Bring grit to your work by creating passion, taking ownership and showing up.

Grit to say “No, we’re not gonna do that”.

Grit to say “No, that’s not good enough”.

Grit to be willing to fall, graze your knee, get back up and try again.

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