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The Passion of Enrolment

What’s the difference between enrolment and attendance?

Attendance is doing mandatory tasks, training and courses that you have to do as part of your job or education. You attend a course because you are told it will look good on your cv, and you attend a seminar because you are told it’s a requirement of your role.

The act of simply attending a course will not guarantee that you will learn anything. If your motivation for taking the course is solely to obtain a certificate, your focus is on passing the course rather than truly engaging with the material, extracting its value and applying it towards your work.

Enrolment, on the other hand, is when you choose to engage in an activity that you hope will help you achieve your goal of levelling up and creating meaningful change. Enrolment brings passion to your work, the feeling of knowing that you are here because you chose to be here, and you don’t care if there’s a test to complete before you get your certificate because you don’t care about the certificate.

When you are enrolled, your motivation is intrinsic, you are here to learn and make a difference and that’s all that matters. Attendance, for the sake of attendance, is an easy trap to fall into and it’s not surprising because it is usually imposed on you by your employer. If your goal is to level up and create meaningful change, attendance is not how you achieve this.

Always seek enrolment.

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