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We are Always Dealing with Humans

Humans are at the crux of everything we do.

Behind every string of text in Teams or Slack, is a human; behind every email, is a human; when we apply for a job at a company, we apply to a human; when we market a product to a business, we market to a human; when we negotiate contracts and deals with other organisations, we deal with humans; when we buy something online, we buy from a human; before the product, there is a human.

In the ever-increasing digital age, it’s easy to forget there is a human behind the interactions we have. Being surrounded by and becoming proficient in using technology is a great strength, but it's also a great weakness. Technology responds in predictable ways, humans are unpredictable.

When you treat situations and interactions involving other people as if you are dealing with robots or machines, building trust and developing meaningful relationships becomes very difficult.

Taking the time to remember the human on the other end can go a long way. A simple “happy birthday” or well-timed smile can lead to meaningful connections in life and in business.