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Pressure Propels you Forward

Modern-day living provides many luxuries that improve your "quality of life", and it's easy to get used to.

If you're anything like me, having nothing to work towards makes it difficult to relax. I feel as if I have a lot of energy to give, and when I end up in a situation where I feel I am not putting it to good use, my mind doesn't rest.

One strategy I use is to look for situations I know will make me uncomfortable but will help me grow.

The situations that used to give you butterflies a few years ago are easy pickings now.

It was hard for you to confront people and deliver feedback, but now it is easy. It used to be hard for you to deliver a presentation to 10 people, and now it takes 100 to make you nervous. It used to be difficult for you to lead a multi-disciplinary team, but now you understand what needs to be done to be effective.

Not only did you get used to the pressure caused by these situations, but you also thrive off it. It’s how you move forward. By actively engaging in opportunities that test your abilities and put you under pressure, you will stretch your limits and raise your baseline.

When you surprise yourself with what you can achieve, your beliefs about what you are capable of change. The belief that you can do meaningful work becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and contributes to a continuous improvement cycle.