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The Most Difficult Part of Your Work

As machines take over the responsibility of completing complex calculations and repetitive tasks, we are left with the even more complex task of working with people.

There is no mathematical formula or handbook that can teach you the skills of managing expectations, dealing with emotions, motivating, inspiring, influencing, giving and receiving feedback, forming relationships, developing teams, building and contributing to a network, communicating effectively, taking direction, delegating authority, engaging stakeholders, handling multiple priorities, making decisions under uncertainty, corporate politics and so on…

People say you are born with these skills, and it’s not something that can be taught.

They might be difficult to teach, but if you practice them intentionally, who's to say they can't be learned?

As you progress up the corporate ladder or into business, your role becomes less focused on the technical aspects and more on the people and relationships.

It pays to focus on what’s important.

Look for opportunities to engage with people, speak up, challenge the norm, solve problems, practice articulating value in a way that resonates with the people around you, ask questions, give feedback, notice how you feel when you receive negative feedback, put your hand up to present information, take responsibility, and give credit.

The more you practice, the better you become.