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Not all Criticisms are Equal

Some criticisms are worth listening to. Others, not so much…

Some criticism comes from those who have your best interests at heart, and would rather you played it safe instead of experiencing heartbreak or failure. They believe your life would be better if you weren’t rejected, and therefore criticise your dreams and aspirations.

Some criticism comes from those who have experienced rejection and are bitter about it. Therefore, they believe it’s okay to stomp on your dreams and aspirations.

Some criticism comes from the air-headed. They are yet to acquire the skill of criticism so although they may have something useful to contribute, their message is not being delivered.


Some criticism is invaluable. It comes from those who have travelled the journey you have embarked on, endured the challenges and celebrated the victories. It is given by someone who relates to your vision and feels the fear for you. It is delivered with dignity, respect and the understanding that their words carry a weight powerful enough to crush a person’s dreams, whilst ensuring every piece of valuable insight is shared.

Be mindful when receiving criticism, more often than not it is a reflection of the beliefs and experiences of the person giving it. It’s easy to take criticism of your work personally, but remember the work is the work - it’s not you, the idea is the idea, it’s not you.

Useful criticism is precious, take note when it comes. Ignore the rest.

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