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Short-Term Incentive Trap

Incentives drive most of your decisions and behaviours.

Deciding to work for the company offering the best incentives is tempting, but taking this route often leads to a problematic situation.

Once you have met your basic needs and realise you are bored in your role, a difficult decision arises.

Do you stay in your current role for the benefits and deal with the boredom? Or take a reduced salary package for more interesting work?

Both options are not ideal and can be avoided if you work smart and take the time to put together a plan.

I’m not saying you should try to work for someone running a modern military camp, but at least look for challenging opportunities to acquire skills you can transfer into other roles, industries, and companies.

Skill acquisition makes you more versatile and valuable over time, putting you in a better position to negotiate better terms for yourself.

The skills you acquire from said challenging roles may even put you in a position to start and run your own show, and create your own destiny.