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From A to B

Rather than from A to Z.

When embarking on a journey towards a desired outcome, it’s easy to get stuck analysing what it requires to get from here to where you want to be.

The gap often seems too big to comprehend, so you never start.

Sometimes, all it takes is the first step.

A step in the direction you want to go, a step into uncertainty, a step to show yourself that it actually might be possible, a step that leads to the realisation that things aren’t as scary, big or difficult as they might first appear.

A step from A to B.

Moving from A to B generates momentum and gives you the confidence to move from B to C, then C to D, and so on, as you move toward your desired outcome.

It's a cliche statement, but focusing on the process is a solution to this problem.

Most people you look up to are in the positions they are because of the consistent hard work they put in over an extended period of time.

Focusing on the outcome rather than the process makes you look for hacks and shortcuts to fast-track your progress. This is no long-term solution to any challenge you face or goal you have.

What can you do today to take your first step towards a goal, project, or interest you have been holding off?